3 New Releases Featuring the Aurora

The weekend of Memorial Day 2017 proved to be an epic time for aurora activity. I had been watching the activity build all day and convinced a few of my friends to join me on a photo adventure at Crater Lake National Park to potentially capture the aurora. 

Right about midnight through 3 am mother nature did not disappoint. She lit the skies with her version of fireworks. Although we could not see the colors of the aurora, we could witness the brightness of the vertical banding occurring in the northern skies. 

That evening I went up with the intention of capturing the aurora on timelapse. Here are a few images pulled from that timelapse now available, in a variety of sizes on Metallic Paper or Metal.

To view the timelapse click HERE

Mothers Magic
from 79.95
Memorial Glow
from 99.95
Night Lights
from 79.95