3 Tips to Celebrate Dad this Weekend

Whitebark and the Wizard. BrianGailey.com

Whitebark and the Wizard. BrianGailey.com

Dad's are extremely special men in our lives. They guide us through our childhood enabling us to be the best adults we can be. They console us when we are down, and they teach us new life skills for our prosperity. Dad's protect us from the harm of evil and they even cry. Dad's are amazing men that are there for you when need them most. 

How are you going to show your Dad that he is special to you?  
Here are 3 ways you can do this weekend to show your Dad how much he means to you:

  1. Outdoor Adventure - Most Dad's that I know love the outdoors as much as they love their children. They enjoy hunting and fishing, hiking and cycling, or camping and boating. They also love to share their knowledge of the outdoors with anyone who will listen.  There is no better way to thank the Outdoorsman than to take him out and spend time with him in the wilderness. Also, be sure to listen to his fishing stories too. 
  2. Sunday Drive - Part of getting to your next adventure, is the road trip. However, not all Dads enjoy a long drive in traffic. Nonetheless, if you can get away from the hustle and bustle of the city, and head to the country, Dads love to just cruise mountain highways and coastal byways. Sometimes a short drive to your favorite small town burger shoppe and ice cream stand is well worth it. 
  3. Chores & Naps - Chances are that your Dad works hard and busts his bum harder than you give him credit for. Show him that you appreciate all his hard work by doing some of his Sunday chores and offer him to take a nap. He will wake refreshed and not be a grouchy bear in the afternoon.  Nobody likes a grouchy bear. :)

Bonus Tip - If you love to give your Dad a gift but he already has everything, why not give a unique piece of art, such as Whitebark and the Wizard? A beautiful piece with the Milky Way rising over Crater Lake. It would make a great gift for the Dad that has everything, including all the ties you gave him since kindergarten. 

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Any random guy can be a Father, but it takes a special man to be a Dad. Celebrate your Dad this weekend!

Stay safe this weekend and at the very least, tell your Dad that you love him.