Beyond the Limits

Beyond the Limits -

Beyond the Limits -

It has been decades since water has spilled over the dam at Gerber Reservoir in Eastern Klamath County, Oregon. Finally this water season has produced enough snow melt and rain water to fill the reservoir.  

As far as I can remember Gerber has always been a small pool if not dried creek bed of land. I have never seen the lake full.  That is until last week. 

I probably spend 80% of my time planning locations and scouting places that will be epic for Milky Way Photography. Some locations take years to come together. This is one of those locations.  I always knew that water cascading over the spillway combined with the Milky Way would make a great piece of art.  However, I never thought that I would ever be able to capture the shot as the lake has never (that I can remember) been full. 

Years of planning led to one night of photography. The skies cleared, the moon was just right, and the coyotes howled from across the lake. I sat on the shore of the lake in awe of the beauty of Mother Nature as the cameras shutter count crept up on 400 images that night. A timelapse can be seen below.

Location: Gerber Reservoir, Oregon