Night Views on the Palisades

Night Views of the Palisades -

Night Views of the Palisades -

During the summer of 2016. My family and I got to go on several adventures.  One of those excursions led us to the north side of the Crater Lake Caldera on a dark night. We found a location to stop and setup shop near an area known as the Palisades (A cliff face rock formation on the north side of the lake).

While setup at this location, we watch commercial airliners, satellites, shooting stars and more streak across the sky.  This is not uncommon for many night sky adventures.  However, one flying object did catch our attention on this night, a fire spotter plane.  

This aircraft was flying a low altitude in a figure 8 pattern across the national park. It would circle from one end to the other. Presumably watching for hot spots to report.  This aircraft flew overhead for at least an hour before disappearing over the northern ridge toward Diamond Lake. 

This image was created after the aircraft had left the area and is made from stacking one hundred images captured over an hour.  

Location: Crater Lake National Park