Night on the Bybee Fire

Night on the Bybee Fire

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In late July 2016 a fire began to grow inside Crater Lake National Park. The fire originated near the junction of the Lightning Springs Trail and the Pacific Crest Trail.  Many speculate that it was a careless PCT hiker that caused the fire but the official cause has never been released.

For weeks the west side of Rim Drive was closed to prevent people from accessing the area near the fire.  At times the fire entered the caldera rim.

I was able to visit the park during the fires eruption and position myself to witness the flames inside the caldera.  Something very few got to see.

This art piece was captured from approx 100 still images as the Milky Way passed over the top of the Bybee Fire as it entered the caldera. 

Location: Crater Lake National Park, OR

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