Perseids Cascadium (Limited Edition)

Perseids Cascadium (Limited Edition)

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This was my favorite adventure and image of 2016. My daughter, wife and myself traveled to Fourmile Lake at the foot of Mount McLaughlin in western Klamath County, in the heart of the Cascade Mountain Range. 

It was not just a regular trip, it was an overnight excursion in August to specifically watch the Perseid Meteor Shower.   Fourmile Lake has some dark skies with just a hint of a glow of the Rogue Valley right behind Mt McLaughlin. 

After setting up the camera we lied on a blanket along the shoreline staring at the awesome light show by mother nature.

This piece of beautiful art was created from a composite of over 500 images photographed over a four hour period throughout the night. During that time we witnessed hundreds of shooting stars from the meteor shower.  Some of the brightest are highlighted in this image. 

I also captured a timelapse of the event.  That timelapse can be seen here

Location: Fourmile Lake, Oregon

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