How to register?

  1. Select your preferred date and number of tickets. (one ticket per person)
  2. Click the Add to Cart button
  3. Complete the photography questioner, click the add to cart button on the bottom of the form.
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What will you cover?

Photography topics will slightly vary depending on the workshop.  Check the description for each workshop for a more comprehensive explanation. 


Do I need a camera?

My workshops are hands on so I strongly advise bringing your camera to the class. You will also want to bring a camera with manual controls.

If you do not own a camera with manual controls. The workshop can still be useful to the student. However, I would advise renting a camera with manual controls from a place like or  It is less expensive than you might think. 


What is a photo walk?

A photo walk is an opportunity to get out of the classroom and practice what is taught in the class.  Students are encouraged to explore the area and their camera. The class will have the opportunity to share images from the photo walk with the class. 


I am a teacher at _________, will you guest speak at my __________ class?

This question comes in many forms but essentially, it asks, from a teacher; will you guest speak to my students in my class. 

Yes, I love to teach and I love to share my knowledge.  The best thing to do is to send me a message via my contact page and let me know what you teach, what class you want me to visit. We can then chat about what it is you need and how I can help.


Do you offer private lessons?

Yes, I do offer private photography lessons.  If you are looking for a private lesson, send me a note through the contact page and let me know what it is you are wanting help with.  Price and time depend on the lesson you wish to have. 


I have an event coming up, will you speak at it?

Most likely... I do on occasion get asked to speak at private functions, public events and conferences. If you would like to work together, send me a note through the contact page and let me know what it is you are planning. I would love to chat with you about it. 


Do you have other questions not answered here.  Send me a note through the contact page and I will be happy to answer them for you before you register.